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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are back!

Yes!!!! I know it has been a long long while since I've posted on my blogg. I am sorry... technical problems. But I'm back, crazy as ever! I'm excited to say that this year is going to be a good year! I feel it in my bones. Either I get my pro card this year or I win the lottery, either way, some thing great is going to take place before the end of the year! As of monday April 28th I have started my diet. We are getting ready for 2008 USA championships in Vegas BABY! I will post before pictures this week and continue to update untill July 23rd. Please stay tuned, check back on a regular basis and post many many comments! The good the bad and the ugly, I'll take it all!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Diamond Girlz Bikini Car Wash

As if its not hot enough in the Valley of the Sun....

The Diamond girlz turned this past weekend into a scoarcher with a bikini car wash.
The car wash was organized to raise funds for the upcoming competition season.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Angela Terlesky

Angela Terlesky, a Diamond Girl, will be making her debut in her first pro show May 26, in Culver City, California.
Angela has been athletic since she was a little girl, from swimming, to ballet to gymnastics. It wasn’t until she took a “six pack- $1000 shopping spree bet” with her workout partner that she got really serious in the gym. Being a massage therapist, Angela met a trainer, who took her to see her first show. Shortly there after, while attending a local show in October 2004, a small six pack bet developed into strong desire to stand in a figure line up and win. (She did win the bet, but didn’t get the shopping spree=)
Hard work, self discipline, and dedication pays off. In 2006 Terlesky took 1st in her class at the USAs and brought home her pro card.

Outside of the gym, Angela loves to hike and travel and of course, CHOCOLATE. However, juggling between being self employed and continuing her competitive carrier, most of her traveling is competition related.
Angela Terlesky's Stats
Height: 5”4 ½’
Off Season Weight: 124-126lbs
Competitive Weight: 115-117lbs
Competitive History
2005 Flagstaff Class C 3rd Place
2005 NPC Max Muscle Arizona Championships Class D 1st
2006 Contra Costa Championships Class C 1st Place
2006 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships Class D 1st Place
Angela has worked very hard and we can't wait till she shows it off on stage. Stay posted for the results and pics.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Diamond Girlz AZ

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for dropping by and visiting. As promised, here are some more recent pictures just taken this weekend. The Diamond Girlz had a competitors meeting at Starbucks just going over upcoming shows and future agendas. Most of us are leaning down now... Green Tea with SPLENDA, Yummy! And what do we have in store for you next month??? Diamond Girlz BOOTY SHORT Car wash! This will be another fun way for the Girlz to raise funds for future competitions. So make sure to drop by for the pictures!

"Say Egg Whites!"

"Sexy Smiles"

From left to right (Angela Terlesky, Mandi Mann, Nadine Ishak, Fontaine Grijalva, Julie Williams, Melissa Alvarado, Jen Banks, Diana Tinnelle)


Friday, March 23, 2007

Dumbells Fitness Studio Atheletes

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

There is nothing better than shopping

Lots of interesting items were on hand here! Many of the displayed treasures were unwanted/unneeded articles donated by our very own Dumbell’s Fitness Studios family and friends!

We worked up a sweat with countless hours of preparation in our annual rummage sale fundraiser! It seemed to be a long day since we did rise with the sun at 6:00 am and then shut down in the afternoon. It was all worth it when our shoppers came rummaging in to help support in raising money for our female physique team on Sunday, March 4, 2007 . Lola, our very own Diamond Girl Mannequin attracted a lot of the drivers alongside the road. Wow, was she a beauty! She had the body of a Red Devil Vacuum, a glamorous black skirt with silver sparkles, a beautiful cashmere sweater and accessories of a princess! Lola wasn’t the only Diamond Girl involved. We all worked as a team as we greeted our shoppers with a winner’s smile, assisted their wants and needs and did I mention the holding of the signs and screaming our lungs out?!

It all came into place when we raised a great amount of money for a good cause! Did I mention that all of the donated items that were not sold were then donated to St. Vincent De Paul? Yes, they were! The children’s toys, clothing and accessories were also donated to Paradise 4 Tots, they were very thankful!

Thanks to all for your love and support. It has been a good year so far and it will continue to be even better as the year progresses.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Diamond Girlz get ready for 2007

Heres Melissa "Small Fry" Alvarado one of four Diamond Girlz that will be competing this season in the light weight female bodybuilding division. She starts her season off with the Arizona Open then it's off to California for the LA/GNC Culver City, two short weeks later right around the corner in Las Vegas the USA's. Then a short break as she gears up for Nationals in Texas, and if there is any fuel left in her tank, she'll head back to California and finish her season off with the Excalibur.

As I said before I'm proud of my Diamond Girlz we trained, ate, and slept female bodybuilding all winter. We are ready to show case all that hard work and have a blast doing it!

Thanks again for stopping by and keep checking as more pics will be posted weekly.

Diana "Tatiana" Tinnelle

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stats & info update

I've had quite a few questions posted on ftvideo about my current stats and lifts. so I've decided to give up the numbers:

Neck - 14"

Lat spread - 44"

Shoulder to shoulder - 48"

Bicep/ Triceps - rgt. 15 1/4" lft. 15"

Hips - 40 3/4"

Quad/Hamstring - 23 1/2"

Calves - 15 1/4"

There were also questions about max lifts; one of my training principles is that I don't believe in the theory of max lifts. To say a lift is my max implies there is no room for growth or improvement. So for this girl there is no max everyday I strive to best my previous lifts every time I enter the gym. I can tell you that I incorporate deadlifts, squats, leg press, hack squats, hang cleans, barbell military press, and many of the other basic compound lifts into every workout I do. Always being pushed beyond what I thought was my limit each time.

Thanks for all the interest and questions.........

Diana "Tatiana" Tinnelle

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I wasn't kidding when I said I would be spending the winter bulking up... Here are pictures taken 02/23/07 . I weighed in at 178lbs; 54lbs over my 2006 USA debut as a middle weight body builder. I've increased my incline bench press from 165lbs to 230lbs, but my biggest accomplishment this bulking season was incorporating deadlifts back into my training program to thicken my back and add more detail. I'm doing working sets of 10 - 15 reps with 225lbs and maxing at 325lbs. So I feel confident enough to say look out girls Diana "Tatiana" Tinnelle is coming new , & improved, bigger & better this season!

As for my Diamond Girlz they to have spent the winter months putting on the extra mass needed to be ready to battle with the female body builders & figure competitors that represent the NPC.
Stay posted for more pics of my progress along with my Diamond Girlz.

Diana "Tatiana" Tinnelle

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Competition Plans

July 2007- GNC LA, Culver City, CA
July 2007- USA Championships, Las Vegas, NV
November 2007- National Championships, Dallas,TX
December 2007- Excalibur, Culver City, CA

*The schedule is subject to change*